3 Best Rehabilitation Centers in Canada

There are over 200 rehabilitation centers in Canada – how can you choose the best one? If you’re seeking help for a loved one or have made the decision to seek help for yourself, you will want the best rehabilitation center.

No matter what addiction you need to recover from, there is help available. For more information on these rehabilitation centers and for more options, you can check out Canada 411 online. It’s good to have options.

Here are three of the best rehabilitation centers in Canada.

Spiritual Recovery with Innercare

When you feel like your spirit is broken inside as much as your body is on the outside, maybe you should consider visiting an Innercare rehabilitation center. Innercare has had lots of success helping people overcome their addictions by guiding them through spiritual therapy as well as psychotherapy. This group was founded by a former monk who has over 20 years of experience in spiritual guidance.

Faith-Based Recovery with BC Teen Challenge

It’s hard to watch younger generations struggle to make it, and addictions are one of the biggest causes. BC Teen Challenge helps guide young Christians back to their faith, while helping them recover from their addictions. Success stories are available on their website to help you decide if you want to participate in their 12-month program.

Close Care with Paradise Valley Wellness Center

PVWC prides itself on close care. It has a limit of 16 patients at a time, so patients can spend more time with the healthcare professionals. Every treatment plan is customized to your needs and your addiction. The program focuses on balancing all aspects of your life in conjunction with well-know therapies.

Tips On How To Help Someone With Addiction.

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When it comes to family and friends, most people say they’d be willing to do anything for their loved ones, But when your loved one is addicted to alchol or drugs, how can you help? Here are a few suggestions  to help your loved one with addiction:

1. Confront them.  If your loved one has an addiction and you want to talk to them about it, it helps to be firm and confront them about it. Be direct. State that you care and want to help, but you need them to cooperate with you.

2. Set up a formal intervention. If you have tried the personal confrontation and it didn’t work. setting up a formal intervention with professional and familial help is another way to offer a wake up call to those who are suffering from addictions.

3. Establish boundries and set limits. There is only so much you are willing to go through and do for your addict, so state that to them. Let them know what you are willing to do and what you WONT do. Be Firm, but kind about it.

4. Understand addiction before confronting them. Realize that it’s NOT brainpower vs addiction in the addicts mind, their brain is a complete slave to the substance, and you yourself have to recognize how hard it is to just “quit”. Offer loving support and willingness to help, but know that sometimes, a person has to want to quit on their own terms before they will seek help.

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Recognizing the Signs of Gambling Addiction

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Drug Addiction and Mental Disorders

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